Professional Growers & Greenhouses


Consumers are increasingly aware of the potential dangers of pesticides and chemicals in their food. Professional growers are now faced with the challenge of protecting their crops in an organic, non-toxic way. Our Bug Coaster products are an ideal defense against crawling pests like vine weevils, mealy bugs and spider mites, which can have a devastating effect on any sized commercial growing business.

We offer two applications for professional growers. The first is to place a Bug Coaster under the leg of a growing table and the second is to place bug coasters under each individual pot. You can use each method separately or combine them for extra crawling pest protection.

In addition to our 4-inch and 6-inch coasters, we also offer a 19-inch coaster that is perfectly suited for use with large growing containers, pots and cans up to 18 inches in diameter. These devices are available with rolling coaters or without, which have a weight capacity of 500 pounds and 1,000 pounds, respectively. The coaster model will allow you to easily move your large planting containers without lifting them. These large coasters have a wider gap as well, so they will effectively trap mice and other small rodents.

Whether your commercial operation grows tomatoes or medical-grade cannabis, our line of Bug Coasters is an environmentally friendly, common-sense, pesticide-free solution to crawling pest management, allowing you to truly certify organic crops.