1st Defence Industries is 100% Canadian owned and operated business based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia. We are a fast-growing company that values innovation, adaptation, and cares about our customers. In the beginning, we specialized in designing, manufacturing, and selling innovative pest-control products; as part of our commitment to growth and adaption, with the 2022 inauguration of our first pipe yard in Demmitt, Alberta, we have expanded into the oil and gas industry.

We are proud of our Original Bug Coaster products and committed to ensuring they are durable, effective and affordable. We are responsive to customer’s needs and happy to help you find the perfect product for any application. We also provide ongoing technical support for our customers and their operations.

By using non-toxic, pesticide-free technologies, we are able to help our clients protect their businesses, families and pets both safely and effectively.

Whether you are in the pest control, professional growing, outdoor recreational, transportation or hospitality industries, or are simply looking for a crawling pest-free solution for your home or RV, we’re confident there is a 1st Defence Industries product to suit your needs.


In 2022, 1st Defence Industries opened a pipe yard in Demmitt, Alberta. In our new line of business, we work with local stakeholders to buy and sell used oilfield tubing, casing, and other reusable tubular products.

We never cease to be impressed by the myriad ways in which the high-quality material we gather can be repurposed, and are eager to assist local welders, steelworkers, fabricators, ranchers, and all other talented Canadians by serving as an economical and environmentally friendly specialty hardware store.

Whether fabricating screw piles, cattle panels, or cattle shelters, 1st Defence Industries is here to provide an easy one-stop-shop for all of your pipe related needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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